November 24-26, 2021 | Budapest, Hungary


Now a Hybrid event


Wednesday, November 24.

13.30-13.40Opening remarks by Ferenc Darvas, Flow Chemistry Society, Switzerland, Hungary
13.40-14.15 Kaid C. Harper AbbVie, US (virtual) – Session 1
Commercial-Scale Flow Photochemistry And Electrochemistry
14.15-14.40Marcus BaumannUniversity College Dublin, Ireland – Session 1
Exploiting Continuous Photoisomerisation Reactions for the Synthesis of Complex Drug-Like Targets
14.40-15.05 Richard BourneUniversity of Leeds, UK – Session 1
Self-Optimising Flow Reactors For Rapid Process Development
15.05-15.45 Coffee Break
15.45-16.10Miquel A. Pericas ICIQ, Spain (virtual) – Session 2
Immobilized Organocatalytic Systems For Asymmetric Flow Processes
16.10-16.35Maurizio BenagliaUniversity of Milan, Italy (virtual) – Session 2
Telescoped Synthesis of Chiral Molecules in Coil and Continuous Stirred Reactors (CSTR)
16.35-17.00Kerry Gilmore University of Connecticut, US (virtual) – Session 6
Designing And Combining Automated Synthesis Platforms
17.10-19.30Welcome reception
Pizza & Beer

Thursday, November 25.

9.00-9.35Csaba Janáky University of Szeged, Hungary – Session 1
Electrifying the Industry: Conversion of Waste to High-value Products
9.35-10.00Volker Hessel University of Adelaide, Australia (virtual) – Session 3
Reimagining Astronaut’s Food – Designing a Process for Manufacturing Personalized Fortified Beverages in Space
10.00-10.25Richard Jones InnoStudio Inc., Hungary – Session 3
Using Space Medicinal Chemistry Against SARS-CoV-2
10.25-11.00Coffee break
11.00-11.25Floris RutjesRadboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands (virtual) – Session 1
New Developments In Continuous Flow Synthesis – Translating Research Into Education
11.25-11.50Amol KulkarniCSIR-NCL Pune, India (virtual) – Session 4
Flow synthesis of APIs by Ozonolysis and by Mechanochemistry
13.20-14.00 Poster session 1: In-person
14.00-14.40Poster session 2: Online
14.40-15.002020 IUPAC-ThalesNano Prize for Flow Chemistry
Award Ceremony
15.00-15.35 Timothy Noël University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Award acceptance lecture: Applications of Continuous-flow Photochemistry in Organic Synthesis
15:35-16:05Roundtable discussion: How to increase the implementation of flow chemistry into the basic organic chemistry education and practice: new approaches for training activities
16.05-16.45 Coffee break
16.45-17.10 John NaberMerck, US (virtual) – Session 4
From the Lab to the Pilot Plant: Recent Applications in Flow at MSD
17.10-17.35 Jean-Christophe MonbaliuUniversity of Liège, Belgium – Session 5
Frugal Resources and Chemical Generators for the Neutralization of Chemical Warfare Simulants
17.40-21.00Gala Dinner / Poster Awards & Best Co-Author Award

Friday, November 26.

9.00-9.35C. Oliver Kappe – University of Graz, Austria – Session 5
Hydrogenations in flow: Developing scalable technology with real-time PAT
9.35-10.00Sándor B. ÖtvösUniversity of Graz, Austria – Session 5
Reductive Aminations in Aqueous Nanomicelles Enabled by an Oscillatory Plug Flow Reactor
10.00-10.25Heidrun Gruber-WölflerGraz University of Technology, Austria (virtual) – Session 6
Automated Set-up for the Optimization of an Enzymatic Reaction in Continuous Flow
10.25-11.00Coffee break
11.00-11.15Industrial presentation: Equtechnik Kft
11.15-11.30Industrial presentation: InnoStudio Inc.
11.30-11.45Industrial presentation: ThalesNano Inc.
11.45-12.00Industrial presentation: Zaiput Flow Technologies
12.00-12.10Industrial presentation: Mettler Toledo, title: Flow chemistry monitoring and control with in-situ IR spectroscopy
12.10-12.20Closing remarks by Ferenc Darvas
14.00-17.00Flow Chemistry Academy – Open Lab-style workshop