November 24-26, 2021 | Budapest, Hungary


Now a Hybrid event

FROST8 targets innovative areas of organic chemistry with great future potential focusing on the following fields:

Innovation in flow synthesis technologies

  • Translation of novel synthetic methods into flow: photo- and electrochemistry
  • Mimicking Nature: biocatalysis, micellar nanocatalysis
  • Nanotechnology and polymer synthesis/material science

Flow chemistry in MedChem/Pharma

  • Flow synthesis of Covid-19 medicines
  • Scale-up processes
  • Hybrid systems: biology and chemistry in one main system 

On-demand approaches/space chemistry

  • Continuous flow manufacturing at remote locations
  • Challenges performing flow chemistry in space
  • Flow chemistry under special gravitational conditions (smaller / larger)

Applying Artificial Intelligence in reactor design and operation

  • Machine Vision/Machine Learning
  • Automation and Self-optimisation, virtual home laboratory (virtual reality, remote controlled robots)
  • Printing the Future: 3D Printing

Education: Teaching the Next Generation

  • Introduction of the new Textbook: from the fundamentals to practice, and How to use the textbook: best practices and tips
  • Implementation into academic and industrial courses
  • Educational: Advanced approaches for educating flow chemistry