List of posters

November 24-26, 2021 | Budapest, Hungary


Now a Hybrid event

p01Dominik Polterauer
Process intensification of ozonolysis reactions using dedicated microstructured reactors
P02Wolfgang Jud
Design and Assembly of Laboratory-Scale Continuous Flow Cells for Electroorganic Synthesis
p03Thomas P. Nicholls
On-demand electrochemical synthesis of CuOTf and its application in the aerobic oxidation of alcohols
p04Bence S. Nagy
Concise Enantioselective Flow Synthesis of Rolipram
p05Moreshwar Chaudhari
Supported Jørgensen-Hayashi catalyst for asymmetric Michael addition in batch/flow: Diastereoselective synthesis of alkaloids in flow
p06Antonella Ilenia Alfano
Synergizing Flow Chemistry And Multicomponent Reactions: A Sustainable Route To Peptidomimetics
p07Diego Iglesias
Electrochemical continuous-flow oscillatory baffled reactor fabricated with additive manufacturing for the oxidation of NADH
p08Mara Di Filippo
Photo-Flow Processes For The Synthesis Of Drug-Like Entities
p09Pauline Bianchi
Integrating computational chemistry for the design of an automated nitroso species fluidic module learning
p10Tamás Fődi
Development of a high pressure, high temperature continuous photoreactor for photothermal hydrogenation of CO2
p11Cormac Bracken
The Photoflow Generation And Capture Of Reactive Intermediates
p12Diana V. Silva Brenes
Out-smarting smart drug modafinil
p13Jakob Wolf
’Flowchem’: an open-source cross-platform python package for reaction automation in flow
p14András G. Németh
Chromatography-free synthesis of thioureas in batch and flow: application of aqueous polysulfide solutions