November 24-26, 2021 | Budapest, Hungary


Now a Hybrid event

November 24th, Wednesday

13.30-13.40Opening remarks
Ferenc Darvas, President, Flow Chemistry Society
13.40-14.25L-1: Aaron Beeler- Boston UniversityTitle:New Frontiers in Flow Technology and Reaction Processes
14.25-15.00L-2:Kerry Gilmore- Max Planck InstituteTitle:21stCentury Synthesis
15.00-15.35L-3: Csaba Janáky- University of SzegedTitle:Valorization of Carbon-Dioxide via Continuous-flow Electrolysis
15.35-16.10Coffee break
16.10-16.45L-4: Siegfried Waldvogel- Johannes Gutenberg-University MainzTitle:Electrifying Organic Synthesis – The Magic Tool Flow
16.45-17.20L-5: Greig Chisholm- University of GlasgowTitle:The Chemputer: A Universal Programmable Chemical Synthesis Robot
17.20-17.55L-6: Simon Kuhn- University of LeuwenTitle:Intensification of continuous electrochemistry by ultrasound
18.00-20.30Welcome reception – Ensana Thermal Hotel (Danubius Hotel)

November 25th, Thursday

8.45-9.30L-7: Tim Noel -Eindhoven University of TechnologyTitle:Exploring new chemical territory through use of flow
9.30-10.05L-8: Mike Organ- University of OttawaTitle:In-line Sampling and Analysis For Flow Continuous Chemical Manufacturing
10.05-10.40L-9: Gellért Sipos- ThalesNano, Inc.Title:A Multiwavelength Photoreactor for Batch and Flow Chemistry – Development and Applications
10:40-11:10Coffee break
11.10-11.45L-10: Heidrun Gruber-Woelfler- Graz University of TechnologyTitle:Workflow for the Design of Customized Milli- and Microreactors including Additive Manufacturing
11.45-12.20L-11: Dusan Boskovic- Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICTTitle:Flow Reaction Calorimetry and Process Spectroscopy: Modern Tools for Efficient Reaction Screening and Integrated Process Control
13.40-15.10Poster Session (FCS + JFC Board Meeting)
15.10-15.40Coffee break
15.40-16.15L-12: Adam Mccluskey -University of NewcastleTitle:Flow synthesis of cytotoxic compounds
16.15-16.50L-13: Jean-Christophe Monbaliu- University of LiègeTitle:Ultrafast Electrophilic Hydroxylamination under Safe and Scalable Continuous Flow Conditions
16.50-17.25L-14: Oliver Kappe- University of GrazTitle:Applications of Flow Photochemistry towards Industrial Scale Processing
17.45-17.50Gathering for the Gala Dinner at Kamilla Lobby
18.00-20.30Gala Dinner / Poster Award

November 26th, Friday

8.45-9.30L-15: Mimi Hii- Imperial College LondonTitle:ROAR: Ushering in the era of data-driven chemistry (Synthesis 4.0).
9.30-10.05L-16: Claude Bellefon- CPE LyonTitle:All You can do with Segmented Flow
10.05-10.40L-17:Christof Aallig -Lonza Group AGTitle:Solid Handling and Flow Characterization in a Baffle-Less Oscillatory Flow Coil Reactor
10.45-11.05Coffee break
11.05-11.30L-18:Igor Platz- University of LjubljanaTitle:Modeling and Time Scale Analysis of Processes at the Micro Scale
11.30-11.50L-19:Anna Śrębowata- Polish Academy of SciencesTitle:Application of continuous-flow catalytic hydrogenation in formation of value-added products
11.50-12.10L-20:Flash Poster presentations
12.10-12.20Closing Remarks Ferenc Darvas, President, Flow Chemistry Society
13.30-13.50Traveling to the Flow Chemistry University
14.00-17.00Flow Chemistry Academy


Session 1.ØFlow Photochemistry
Session 2.ØFlow Electrochemistry
Session 3.ØEmerging: technologies, instruments, information technology and integration
Session 4.ØEmerging: chemistry, catalysis and safety
Session 5.ØIndustrial applications in East-Central Europe